Amazon Web Services Canada Sponsors Women in Communications and Technology Association to Advance Women in Innovation

Toronto, April 30, 2018.  Women in Communications and Technology (WCT) today announced that Amazon Web Services (AWS) Canada has joined other noteworthy technology leaders as a diamond sponsor of the organization to support women's engagement in the innovation work force in Canada. Since 1991, WCT has been working with organizations to promote diversity and develop their strategies to advance women, advocating for inclusion and equality at all levels of communications, media and technology companies.

“The business case for gender diversity has never been stronger.  We know that diversity leads to stronger business results.” says Joanne Stanley, executive director of WCT. “In an evolving marketplace with an ongoing war over talent, leading organizations such as AWS work with WCT to make change and access human capital that will give them a competitive edge”

As AWS continues to grow in Canada since launching its Canada Region in December 2016, the company will leverage WCT’s network of professional women across Canada to access leadership skills and the diverse talents that women bring to innovative teams.

“In my over 25 years writing about and working in the Canadian tech industry it has never been a more exciting time to join the WCT,” said Fawn Annan, CEO of IT World Canada. “Having AWS as part of the board of directors will provide a valuable voice to ensure proper representation in cloud, AI, and IoT technology markets.”

AWS will participate in WCT's Protege Project and mentorship program, both unique cross-sector programs that are proven to retain, develop and advance women in the industry. In addition, AWS will provide the WCT community with access to cloud computer skills training.

AWS will be an active contributor to WCT Connect, a new online portal connecting women across Canada with mentors and employers.

“As an AWS customer we witness the company’s commitment to obsessing over helping customers solve business problems with cloud technology,” said Dervla Kelly, Vice President, Social Media & Communications, Corus. “We are excited for AWS to join other Canadian business leaders in supporting WCT, bringing their organization’s passion for customer success to the important challenge of improving gender diversity in Canada.”

For more information on how WCT works with organizations of all sizes in Canada to close the gender gap, or how WCT Connect can help you access professional women across Canada, contact Mathea Stevens at


About WCT
Women in Communications and Technology (WCT) is a national association committed to helping women in Canada learn, build strong relationships and advance in communications, media and technology. WCT provides opportunities for its members to network, be mentored, get access to targeted educational opportunities and be recognized for their contributions to Canada’s digital economy, ultimately contributing to the representation and advancement of women in Canada.


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