Our diversity, equity and inclusion reading list

It's September and no matter how long it's been since we stepped foot in a classroom, there's a part of us that always feels inspired to learn around this time of year. At WCT, September also means the launch of our programming for the year. We're kicking off on September 28 with our Diversity and Inclusion Insights: Imagining (and creating) more inclusive workplaces event, which brings together DEI practitioners, employers and employees from across Canada for a conversation on why true diversity is an achievable goal. In preparation, we're studying up on why the increased focus on DEI matters. Today, we're sharing our reading list and encouraging you to join us to learn from different perspectives on DEI in the workplace.

Are DEI initiatives 'distracting from real work'? - HR Reporter

While employees consider DEI an important business factor, C-level executives don't. At WCT, we know that the business case for DEI is crucial—in every facet of a company. These survey results show that there is more work to be done to show the value of DEI for businesses.

The Hidden Cost of DEI Work—And What to Do About It - Nonprofit Quarterly

Aimed at nonprofits, but with value for any company who does DEI work, this article unpacks the unequal cost of DEI work that falls on non-White employees, and offers recommendations for organizations on how to mitigate these known and hidden costs.

Don't Lose the Democratizing Effect of Remote Work - Harvard Business Review

Whether or not you're returning to the office in the near (or distant) future, this is a must-read. This article outlines some of the benefits of remote work, and how to ensure that your hybrid workplace works for equity-seeking, historically marginalized groups.


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