Webinars for the Times We Work In: Recap Part 1

In March 2020, the way we work changed dramatically. Overnight, we went from meeting and collaborating in person to hopping from one video conference to the next. In a world of constant, stressful change, Women in Communications and Technology came together to produce a webinar series to engage with our community. Webinars for the Times We Work In offered inspiration, education, and a sense of continuity amidst chaos from March 30-June 17.

Looking back on the 12 inspiring sessions, here are our lessons learned that we’ll be taking forward into the new workplace.

Janice McDonald, author of Fearless: Girls with Dreams, Women with Vision reminded us that even when we feel fear, being fearless means taking risks and facing those fears. It’s easy to feel fear and shy away from taking risks in a world of work that is rapidly changing—but taking those risks is what will make us stronger.

Taking those risks shouldn’t come at the expense of taking care of ourselves. Cynthia Loyst, author of Find Your Pleasure: The Art of Living a More Joyful Life, shared in her webinar that carving out moments of pleasure, joy, and play are crucial, especially when our work and our lives are so entwined.

When that barrier between work and life vanishes, it helps to use the right technology in the right way. Cam Smith of Microsoft shared key insights on virtual office technologies that are key to working successfully during periods of rapid change and through the transition to remote work.

However, going digital doesn’t just mean digitizing. Fawn Annan, CEO/CMO of IT World Canada (ITWC), shared the challenges faced by ITWC when they went from print to digital, and why it is important to reframe and strategize your priorities and what success looks like during times of transition.

Margo Crawford of Business Sherpa Group echoed this in her webinar, sharing that times of crisis offer focus and clarity. Entrepreneurs and organizations should seize these opportunities to rethink their strategies and re-envision their way forward.

Having a foundational culture will help sustain an organization through change. Cath Hughes of Shopify shared valuable insights into Shopify’s culture, and how that culture has enabled them to innovate and push forward, even in the age of COVID-19.

Whether you attended one or all of the sessions in Webinars for the Times We Work In, we hope you found one takeaway that you can apply in your life, in your organization’s response to COVID-19 or in your community. Stay tuned for part 2 of this recap coming next week!

For WCT members, you can watch replays of all of our Webinars for the Times We Work In sessions on our website.


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