Women in Communications and Technology BC wins Technology Education Programs Grant

VANCOUVER, B.C. - The BC chapter of Women in Communications and Technology (WCTBC) has been awarded $10,000 by the Discovery Foundation in the 2018 Technology Education Programs competition. WCTBC will use the grant to start the Discovery Foundation’s Speed Mentoring Program after testing the concept with the BLAST program in December 2017 to great success.

“As the BC Chapter of Women in Communications and Technology, we are continuously exploring new ways to provide women in our community with support to facilitate their success and career advancement,” said co-chair Christin Wiedemann. “Mentoring is a great way to develop skills, and gain valuable advice, but I think we need to re-define what mentoring looks like. A mentor doesn’t have to be an expert or authority in their field, and mentoring doesn’t have to be formal and time consuming to add value. Speed mentoring is a way to make mentoring more accessible and less intimidating.”

The award is one of 12 grants across three funding categories. The New Programs grant category is specifically directed towards improving diversity in the B.C. technology sector.

Read the announcement from the Discovery Foundation.


About Women in Communication and Technology

Established in 1991, Canadian Women in Communications and Technology’s (WCT) mission is a national organization dedicated to the advancement of women through a coast to coast network of professional women, men and companies in communications and technology.

WCT empowers women in broadcasting, cable, telecommunications, digital media and technology to achieve professional success, to aim higher and to be recognized for their achievements.

Through partnerships with organizations such as Information Communications Technology Council, Information Technology Alliance of Canada and Wired Women, WCT has increased its efforts to strengthen the leadership role of women driving innovation and smart growth in Canada.

Contact: wctbc.team@gmail.com


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