Women in Communications and Technology Partners with Symcor to Advance Women in Data and Innovation

Toronto, May 21st, 2019.  Women in Communications and Technology (WCT) today announce the launch of their partnership with Symcor Inc. to support women's engagement in the digital transformation of Canadian industries.

Since 1991, WCT has been working with organizations to promote diversity and develop their strategies to advance women, advocating for inclusion and equality at all levels of information, communications, media and technology companies.

Symcor is one of Canada’s largest providers of business and payments processing services. Symcor supports multiple industry verticals including financial services, insurance, retail and telecommunications. We are connecting for common good to create richer outcomes for industry partners by aggregating data, insight, experience and operational excellence.

 “Traditional businesses across Canada are digitizing their processes and services to everyday Canadians says Joanne Stanley, Executive Director of WCT. “It is critical that women are represented as leaders and contributors in the digitization of services to ensure innovations reflect the population they serve.”

WCT partners with a variety of organizations in Canada’s knowledge-based economy. Symcor is joining forces with fintech, broadcast and media, and cloud computing firms in the fight to close the gender gap in Canada.

“The philosophy of diversity and inclusion is ingrained in our culture and values” says Chameli Naraine, President and CEO of Symcor. “In a continuously evolving market place in the 21st century, we are partnering with WCT to access the diverse talent that will continue to give us a competitive edge.”

In addition to accessing WCT’s large network of professional women across Canada, Symcor will get access to WCT’s best practices in hiring and retaining a diverse, skilled workforce, enabling the company to further enable diversity and inclusion company-wide.

For more information on how WCT works with a variety of organizations in Canada to close the gender gap, or how WCT Connect can help you access professional women across Canada, contact WCT.




About WCT
Women in Communications and Technology (WCT) is a national association committed to helping women in Canada learn, build strong relationships and advance in information, communications, media and technology industries. WCT provides opportunities for its members to network, be mentored, get access to targeted educational opportunities and be recognized for their contributions to Canada’s digital economy, ultimately contributing to the representation and advancement of women in Can

About Symcor
At Symcor, helping our clients through their digital transformation is at the core of everything we do.  Symcor is a change accelerator with over 20 years of B2I (Business-to-Industry) expertise in payment processing, customer communications and data analytics.  A track record of excellence and continuous innovation are key reasons we are valued as a trusted partner.  Symcor is 100% Canadian owned with 9 locations across Canada. Learn more at https://www.symcor.ca


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