Women in Transition: Bite Sized Snacks to Feed the Soul


‘Things happen in three’ or is it ‘three times a charm’? When I look back at 2017, I take a deep breathe and ask myself, it is over yet because it was a long one!

The year started out with a very real health scare for my loving and thankfully recovering husband; a significant move for my family 4 hours away from a community we adored, and then most recently, I was blindsided by a global layoff from a company I loved with a “your job role has been eliminated”.  (Oh, and I turned 50. Darn, that’s 4 things!  )

Through all of these life changing moments I have been blessed by a strong support network of family, friends and colleagues. To no one’s surprise, the empathy statement consistently has been ‘Don’t worry, things happen for a reason’. But do they ‘just’ happen?

I do believe in karma, fate and my faith but I also believe that many things are both controllable and connected….My husband’s health scare (no control) prompted the move to a more calmer stress-free lifestyle and an amazing community to bring up our 13 year old son (controlled). Now with this recent layoff I began to ask myself to answer Tony Robbins question, “How can we intentionally create such experiences and moments to enrich and enhance our lives?” (I’m recently reading inspirational content to satisfy my cravings to combat the desire to roll into a ball and watch movies eating bonbons all day!)

And one theme that continues to come to mind is Sisterhood. As we women know, we flex our emotional muscles when we rally around one another, both personally and professionally.

I didn’t always think this. I used to have the attitude that women and men are the same and resented the ‘we are women, hear us roar’ personas. My perspective slowly changed once I completed a women’s leadership program a few years ago. It taught us how to best optimize our existence in the boardroom that benefits mutual business outcomes. To build a personal brand and a voice that fostered confidence. This ‘connection’ also prompted me then to sign up to be a Co-National Lead of my last company’s Women’s Council for 2 years so that I could help other females find their voices.

So what am I doing now to feed my soul you ask and how is it tied to sisterhood? Join me on my personal journey by reading my blog series where I delve into some of the tips and tricks of a more happy and meaningful me. I will share my quest to satisfy my cravings for enriched engagements that hopefully you find cool, fun and perhaps inspirational.

Stay tuned.

Kimberley Behnan is a WCT member who is sharing with WCT members her journey to set a new career while balancing personal, and family demands. This is the first blog in teh series. Follow Kim's journey by staying in touch with her on LinkedIn, or following WCT's blog



Wrt: Tony Robbins question, “How can we intentionally create such experiences and moments to enrich and enhance our lives?”... My mantra is: Change your thoughts and you will change your life! :-)

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