Year in Review 2019: A Message From Our Executive Director

For nearly 30 years, Women in Communications and Technology has been a leader in advocating the benefits of gender equality in the workplace. The business case for the greater inclusion of women in Canada's digital sector is straightforward and compelling: Diverse companies outperform, are better governed and are more innovative companies than homogenous ones. 

Metrics are fundamental to the execution of any business priority. This is why WCT produces Up the Numbers, an annual report on where women are (and are not) in the Canadian technology industry. The 2019 edition of WCT's Up the Numbers report, "Making Gender Diversity a Business Priority to Spark Change," presents a picture of the current contributions women are making to the digital economy. It also seeks to underscore the importance of measuring and reporting gender-based workforce data and conducting gender-based analysis at the organizational level.

WCT's programs, events and workshops all contribute to the engagement of women and companies in the goal for greater gender diversity for economic leadership in Canada. Highlights for 2019 include: 

Our flagship National Mentorship Program sponsored by Corus matched an unprecedented number of mentees with mentors. 70 mentees were matched through the program, representing 32 different companies.

WCT's 2019 Annual Awards gala, "Propelling Canada's Rising Stars: Unite to Close the Gender Gap," highlighted the champions making a difference in Canada's digital economy. Over 300 attendees joined us to celebrate men, women and companies whose work contributes to diversity and inclusion in Canada's digital industries.

Our chapters had another successful year, hosting 27 events and workshops with hundreds of women from British Columbia to Nova Scotia for community and professional development.

With funding from the Federal Department of Women and Gender Equality and the Alberta Ministry of Labour, WCT conducted diversity workshops for companies to determine what is working and not working in their current diversity practices and to understand diversity and inclusion strengths to build sustained leadership.

Consultations with female graduating students and education institutions sparked the development of a Student Connections Program, which will provide support and career assistance to young women entering the tech and communications workforce.

As we enter a new decade, WCT will continue to work with our chapters, sponsors, national board and members to spark change in Canada's digital economy.


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