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Mentorship is a proven strategy to help women advance their careers in Canada. Whether it is through mentorship circles, one-on-one mentorship or executive sponsorship, leveraging the knowledge and experience of our peers and seniors can be a great way to break down the barriers to the advancement of women in technology, communications and media industries in Canada. All types of mentorship provide an opportunity to identify career aspirations, overcome challenges and expand your network by connecting with other professional men and women. 

WCT offers an array of mentorship programs designed to inspire and empower women at every level in their careers. Entry-level women can get ahead in their careers by taking advantage of WCT's mentorship circles, while mid-level women can jump-start their career by becoming a mentee in the one-on-one mentorship program. Mid and senior level women looking to develop leadership skills and connect with other women can give back to their community by becoming mentors with WCT, while senior and executive level women leverage the ground-breaking WCT Protégé Project for executive sponsorship opportunities.

WCT Mentorship Program

For over 20 years, the WCT Mentorship Program has been the launch pad for the careers of hundreds of women across Canada. Strategically matching mentors with mentees based of experience, goals and networks, the program is designed to informally provide mentorship for women at all career levels. 

The program matches a WCT Member with a senior or peer member of the communications and/or technology sectors for one year of counsel, leadership and professional development. The guiding principles of the mentorship program are for mentors to develop a mentee’s leadership skills and work with them to define goals and develop strategies for reaching them.

The structure of the program is informal. The mentor and mentee decide together on the nature and frequency of meetings, and the objectives and outcomes of the mentorship.

Please note that WCT Student members are not eligible for the program. Applicants for whom there are no available mentors will be kept on a waiting list and reconsidered for the next program session. Also, please ensure that your WCT membership is up to date in order to access the application forms. 

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Ottawa-Gatineau Regional Mentorship Circles

Mentorship Circles are designed to provide like-minded professionals in the telecommunications, media and technology industries the opportunity to form strategic partnerships with members of the group. The partnerships are intended to help members deal with current career challenges, as well as find the support and tools they need to grow and develop in their careers. Participants may be from varied backgrounds, expertise and career levels, but what they share is a passion for excellence and a desire to realize their potential in their professional lives.

By exchanging experiences, challenges and opportunities for the purpose of enhancing self-confidence, communication skills and leadership practices, participants are able to set important development goals and build competence and character to reach those goals. The structure of the Mentorship Circles is designed by the Regional Chapter, but the guiding principles remain rooted in helping WCT members achieve their personal and professional goals.

WCT-NCR is currently the only WCT region running a Mentorship Circle. 

WCT-NCR will be accepting applications in Fall of 2019. 

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WCT's suite of mentorship programs are the best-kept secret in Canada. WCT members can participate in all of WCT's programs at no charge - simply maintain an up-to-date WCT membership. To learn more about any of WCT's mentorship programs or membership benefits, please email or connect with us on social media.


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