Leave the old models and obstacles where they belong, behind you.

WCT is a women-led and women-focused organization that helps women thrive in digitally led businesses.

Our cohort-based career acceleration programs, virtual learning & development community and guided mentorship & networking opportunities give you the tools you need to advance.

Virtual Learning & Development Community

More than membership, a mentorship. Become a part of this exclusive community of skilled and motivated women in digitally driven businesses.

Put your contact list to work

Connect with a national group of specialists, leaders and experts spanning all career stages.

Tap into talent

Join our exclusive forum and get the input and advice you need quickly from women who understand your unique challenges.

Leverage a personal advisory board

WCT’s mentorship groups match you with women at the same stage of your career to help you tackle the topics that matter to you, not HR.

Raise your game quickly

Attend monthly, in-person events that get right to the point. Grow your network and net worth without wasting time.

Learn from the leading edge

Hear from the experts directly. WCT’s live-streamed events feature leading experts discussing gender issues and the impacts that matter to you.

Connect close to home

Regional chapters and in-person events give you a local lens on the bigger picture.

Programs to Help You Advance

You know what you need to succeed. But where’s the path? What’s the right track? What are your next steps? WCT has the map. Our actionable programs help you turn development goals into a course of action.
* Programs not included in membership. Additional fees apply.

Early Career

Get Focused as you’re starting out

Tools to help you establish your presence, define your value, hone your skills and determine your next career step.


Gain ground at the mid-point of your career

If it’s time to move up in middle management, our research-backed guides will help you sharpen your strategic focus.

Senior Career

Coaching support for executives looking to lead

Connect with women who understand the SVP- and C-Suite stakes and create space for yourself at the top.

Career Opportunities

We work with partner organizations committed to diversity, equality and inclusion and making digitally driven workplaces better for women.